Shipping and Delivery

We currently ship to the following European countries:

CountryShipping cost
Austria12,50 EUR
Belgium12,50 EUR
Bosnia and Herzegovina68,50 EUR*
Bulgaria19,50 EUR
Croatia27,50 EUR
Czech Republic12,50 EUR
Denmark12,50 EUR
Estonia12,50 EUR
Finland19,50 EUR
France19,50 EUR
Germany12,50 EUR
Greece27,50 EUR
Guernsey68,50 EUR*
Hungary12,50 EUR
Ireland27,50 EUR
Italy **19,50 EUR **
Jersey68,50 EUR*
Latvia12,50 EUR
Lichtenstein68,50 EUR*
Lithuania12,50 EUR
Luxembourg12,50 EUR
Man Island19,50 EUR
Netherlands12,50 EUR
Norway68,50 EUR*
Portugal27,50 EUR
Romania19,50 EUR
Serbia68,50 EUR*
Slovakia12,50 EUR
Slovenia19,50 EUR
Spain27,50 EUR
Sweden19,50 EUR
Switzerland68,50 EUR*
UK and North Ireland19,50 EUR
Ukraine27,50 EUR

* including 40,00 EUR of custom clearance

** Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus and limited delivery of parcels to some regions of Italy, we ask You to send us an e-mail before placing your order and provide it with the zip code and the city in Italy to which the parcel is to be sent. We will check it and confirm You whether it is possible to deliver the package to the indicated address.

Free shipping over 150 EUR!

The order takes up to 5 business days. The exceptions are orders placed during the promotion announced on Facebook as well as in the pre-Christmas and holiday periods. The deadline for completing these orders is 12 working days after the money is credited to our account. In addition, some products due to very high interest have an extended delivery time of up to 8 or 14 working days - the relevant information appears red next to the price and the name of the specific product.

The shipping cost is the same, despite of the weight or dimensions of the package.